Positive Communication Systems, LLC is a dispute resolution service based in North East Texas. Areas of expertise include corporate and private training, conflict consultation and resolution, negotiation, mediation, and facilitation of meetings. Mediation services may be voluntary or court ordered. Flexible scheduling allows for evening and weekend sessions and trainings to accommodate various scheduling requirements. The emphasis in conflict resolution services is on developing conflict resolution for practical, workable solutions that are customized to the needs of the parties involved.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Conflict can develop between family members, parents, co-workers, management, friends, business partners, as well as members of the community. Conflict and differences of opinion are a natural occurrence, and can lead to the development of new and creative solutions that make the ongoing relationship more positive and productive. Conflict does not need to lead to a win-lose situation. Through mediation all parties involved in conflict can develop a greater understanding of the issues, as well as develop practical, workable solutions that lead to win-win situations. In addition the parties work together to increase their communication and problem solving skills.

Some of the key principles of Positive Communication Systems mediation services services include:

  • the use of the transformative model of mediation, which allows parties to develop their own resolutions and outcomes
  • agendas and sessions developed based on the needs and interests of the parties as they relate to the resolution of the issue
  • emphasis on the on-going relationship between the parties
  • support of the parent-child relationship in family and divorce mediation
  • fostering of collaborative and cooperative opportunities for all parties
  • encourage parties to increase their ability to resolve any possible future conflicts without the need to involve a third party
  • emphasis on communication skills development and enhancement
  • development of comprehensive, sustainable ways for all parties in conflict to develop a better understanding of the issues which leads to a more complete development of a comprehensive solution.
  • facilitating effective communication between all parties at the table

All sessions are confidential and written agreements are produced by the parties to clarify the resolution. Positive Communication Systems encourages all parties to retain an attorney for all mediations including divorce, eldercare, EEO, insurance, business or other relevant dispute resolution topics. The mediator does not act as an attorney, nor will she provide legal advice or advocacy for either party involved in the dispute. The mediator may make referrals to other services that might benefit the parties.These services may include financial planners, legal experts, CPAs or other outside experts and professionals. The recommendations will not be to specific individuals or professionals and the mediator will not provide names of individuals or firms.