The Reality Of Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time of life, even when the decision to dissolve the relationship is mutual. It has a financial impact on your life, and there is also a significant emotional change that occurs before, during, and after the divorce. Keep in mind, divorce is not a single event; it is a process. Most divorces can be finalized in about six months to a year, but it is not uncommon for more complicated divorces or ongoing conflict to stretch it out for years.

During this time, you are on an emotional roller coaster. For some people, the roller coaster is the one at the kiddie carnival. For others, it is the New Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags over Texas.

There are challenges, problems in developing a co-parenting relationship, sharing custody of the kids, and deciding who gets what as you separate into two households. Sometimes family pets, wedding gifts, and even photographs become highly emotionally charged issues throughout the divorce and the years to follow.

The Role of a Divorce Transition Coach