What is Coaching?

Executive, professional and educator coaching is a one-on-one, confidential process. In the sessions, which may be conducted by phone or in-person, the coach and the client work together to develop a plan for resolving a problem, developing a personal or professional goal or developing a strategy for personal success and achievement. During this process, the coach will ask questions, creating opportunities for the client to set their own path to success.

Unlike consulting or mentoring, the coach is not there to provide solutions or to mandate change. Instead, the individual and the coach work together to explore options, create a plan and to implement the strategy developed through the coaching sessions. For any individual at any level in an organization or company, as well as for entrepreneurs and leaders, this is a chance to strategically evaluate options and make changes which are personalized to your unique values, talents, skills and abilities.

Coaching is an opportunity  to have a one-on-one, confidential discussion over a period of weeks or months, usually one session every other week, to develop your full potential. It is a supportive, highly interactive process to focus in on what you wish to accomplish in your professional and personal life. Every coaching session is focused on you, and you will decide the path to success on your own terms.

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